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Mixanoikon engineering services is a company established in 2004 delivering novel ideas and sustainable solutions. Professional expertise and up-to-date scientific training along with successful end results have quickly made us one of the most recognisable and reliable companies.
Mixanoikon engineering services undertakes the successful and accurate completion of all plans and projects on time, within budget and target; we deliver engineering services to both corporate and private clients, using models and codes in planning and building in full compliance with European Standards.
Mixanoikon engineering services undertakes all types of construction planning, as well as all types of engineering expert investigations and consulting services.
Our extensive construction experience in specialised works enables us to engage in all kinds of construction works and guarantees success and completion in strict accordance with previously agreed costs and timelines.

Curriculum Vitae

Fotis Tsakiroglou holds a Degree in Civil Engineering.
He studied at the Politecnico di Milano (Technical University of Milan, Italy), graduating from the Civil Engineering Department specialised in structural engineering (grade 8/10).
He was awarded a Master’s Degree in structural durability management with an emphasis on pre-diagnosis and structural pathology diagnosis with non-destructive methods (grade 9.4/10).
Upon further education, he has been certified as inspector of quality management systems ISO 9001:2000.
Specialised seminars have led to the title of energy inspector of buildings, boilers, and facilities.
Attending seminars, lectures and providing valuation on both buildings and intangible assets, he has become a member of the Association of Greek Valuers (S.EK.E).
Fotis Tsakiroglou is in charge of the Greek section of Politecnico di Milano Alumni (www.alp.polimi.it sezione Grecia).
He has been vice-president of the Association of Civil Engineers of Serres from 2013 since 2019.

External Collaborators

Biliana Teova is our collaborator working in charge of our client support in Bulgaria, who also provides detailed briefing on urban planning cases in Greece.
Biliana Teova has worked as General Solicitor in the Town Hall of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (08-2000 to 09-2009). Since 05-2010, she specialises in legal consultation, legal services, companies establishment, and legal advisory services both in Greece and Bulgaria.

 Fotis Tsakiroglou
Civil engineer Μ.sc-Ε.D.Ε

Address: Ioustianou 9,

Serres, Τ.Κ.:62122

Email: info@mixanoikon.gr

Telephone: +30 23210 58586

Fax: +30 23210 58584

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