Planning &
Supervision of Building Construction

Mixanoikon engineering services has delivered many building construction projects characterised by quality, deadline adherence and cost-effectiveness. We provide our clients with constant support, from the proposal to the final design and required licences, as well as the full plans and construction details.
Our know-how and scientific training has proved us able to engage in all types of planning, from a single warehouse to factory facilities and any other specialised plans, such as boulder transportation wagon.
Mixanoikon has delivered projects both in Greece and abroad. Projects commissioned include the Serres region and, among others, Megara, Thasos, Thessaloniki, Drama, Komotini, Thermi, Chalkidiki.

Work Samples

 Fotis Tsakiroglou
Civil engineer Μ.sc-Ε.D.Ε

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Serres, Τ.Κ.:62122


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